Becoming Buddha

I've begun studying and-to some point-practicing Buddhism this week. I've got a number of issues I need to work through right now, and I feel this could be a great path for me to take. I've been having a lot of problems with anger lately, letting the littlest things get me upset, and having a general negative outlook on things. Depression has been striking more frequently lately, I can never focus on anything for too long. So many of the same old mental issues that I've had for years, and usually worked through, are rising up again.

I'm very likely going to be going through some huge changes in my life in the coming weeks, so I really need to start doing something to work through all this negativity. I'm only going to have more things to push me in the wrong direction in the immediate future, so I need something to counteract all that. It'll be a long practice, it can take decades to achieve true enlightenment, but at least I can begin the process now.

Buddhism is about accepting that pain is a part of life, then moving to identify what is causing it and then stopping it through the proper mental disciplines. Most importantly, for me at least, is that it's focused on the self. I, and no-one else, am responsible for the change that I need to make. There's no gods or magics (or any other similar nonsense) here, only the mind. If you want change, the responsibility for that change is yours and yours alone, not relying on some all-knowing invisible man living up in the sky to make that change for you.

I've begun walking down the path to re-training my brain to working in ways that will one day let me live a meaningful, happy, and enlightened life. Now, I just need to stick with it.