Damn You, Grand Theft Auto!

I knew it would happen, but I still gleefully ran to the local video game outlet last Tuesday and purchased the PC version of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas the day it came out anyway. The GTA series is such potent video game crack that I didn't even hesitate to buy a DVD-ROM drive for my computer, just so I could play it (the game is released on DVD only.)

I'm spending so much time thuggin' on Grove Street, that I'm beginning to neglect other things I need to do, like, oh… I don't know… paying client work! Hours and hours every day, spent cruising the streets of Los Santos & San Fierro (I haven't unlocked Las Venturas yet) and raising whatever kind of escapist havoc I feel up to.

Still, there's this voice in the back of my head that keeps asking questions like "Couldn't you be off taking a walk in the park or something?" or "Shouldn't you finish that client work, so you can get paid and not get evicted?"

Ah well, I guess I should enjoy having the free time to spend hours on a silly video game while I can. Hopefully I'll be back to work full time soon enough, wherever I might end up.