Picking Back Up The Guitar

I've recently started re-focusing on music theory when writing songs, and I have to admit I felt pretty guilty about and/or embarrassed of how much knowledge I'd forgotten over the years. I've spent too long obsessing over finding cool sounds and textures and then just throwing some random notes against the canvas, more as an afterthought than anything else.

As a result of digging back and remembering lost knowledge, I've actually been playing my guitar more and more lately. Playing the instrument I originally learned on seems to help get me back in the musical mindset much faster. This has also given me a bit of embarrassment over how sloppy I've gotten over the years from lack of practice, but I'm sure I can get it all back if I can lock into a good practice regiment.

Now I've got the bug to go out and get some new gear and perhaps even start adding some guitar bits to some of my tracks. I don't know how that'll turn out, techno and guitars don't usually mix very well, so I may have to start doing some stuff in different genres. It should be an interesting journey, no matter if what, if anything, comes from it.